Yasmine’s Story

Yasmine is the mom of a little girl named Kennedy who she calls her best friend. “Everything I do from the time I pick her up we do together, we’re never not together. It’s just us, I talk to her like she’s my best friend.” When Yasmine found out she was pregnant, she was worried about having to go through the pregnancy alone, her biggest fear was having to give birth by herself.

Yasmine met someone who had worked with BirthMatters in the past who referred her to the program, but she put off reaching out because she was nervous. When Yasmine finally reached out to Amber, she says it felt like they had known each other for years, even though they had just met, “She has been there every step of the way. She held my hand through the whole thing. She was the support that I needed, that I really really needed to make me feel like okay I can do this.”

Yasmine had to have a c-section, even though she had planned a natural birth, and she is very grateful that Amber was there to support her through that scary process. Yasmine’s favorite part about BirthMatters was learning from Amber. Amber taught her about the benefits of breastfeeding, which encouraged Yasmine to breastfeed Kennedy even when she went back to work, and now, Yasmine is still breastfeeding and planning to go to nursing school. Yasmine is excited about the next chapter of her life with Kennedy, saying “Me and Kennedy are really attached. It makes me feel good. We’re learning together and growing together. I’m 23 and life just started, I’m learning life with her.”