Who Needs Contraptions Anyways!?

Everyday, we see moms and dads carrying their sweet babies in these bulky and chunky looking ‘contraptions.’  They weigh a lot without a baby in them…and even more when a bundle of joy is snuggled up inside it.  I am talking about the standard baby carrier, which can easily be replaced by a baby sling or mama wrap.  Baby slings and mama wraps are great because they allow you to show off your own personal style while reaping the many benefits of a lighter and more effecient carrier for your baby!
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Mother’s health
Baby slings provide balanced back support and prevent straining or injuring the parents’ back. Women report that their lower back pain, brought on by pregnancy and childbirth, is relieved by not having to pick their child up all the time. Carrying the baby in a sling is a more ergonomically friendly method.
Lactation consultants and midwives endorse baby slings as they provide opportunity for discreet breastfeeding, in a position that is comfortable for mother and child.
Baby’s development
Pediatricians and osteopaths agree that babies held in slings are held effectively. Their legs are not forced apart during the crucial development of the soft pelvic cartilage. Additionally, because legs are not poked through restricting openings, there is no circulation problem.

Parents can get things done
Most babies will happily go along for the ride in a baby sling attached to their parent, meaning that Mommy or Daddy can go about housework, shopping or supervising other children without having to constantly check on the infant. He’s right there! Being hands-free is definitely the way to go. Parents have also reported an improvement in the demeanor of their baby once they introduce a baby sling to their arsenal of ways of coping with a demanding child.

Uninterrupted sleep
When the baby falls asleep in the sling, it’s easy to remove the sling from the parent and lower the baby gently into his crib without waking him.

Welcome to the world
Being carried in a baby sling enables the baby to make a smooth transition from uterus to big, wide world. It promotes bonding and a sense of security and has even been found to reduce the incidence of postnatal depression.

Baby’s posture
The baby can be carried in a natural position, with his head supported and without any compression applied to their spine or central nervous system.

Baby slings reinforce positive attachment between parent and child, reduce stress hormones, enable a child to sleep more profoundly, aid digestion, can lessen crying and colic and at the very least, mean parent and child can enjoy spending time together, happily getting to know each other on an intimate basis.

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