What do you think about the word “SPOIL”…regarding parenting not food!

Our culture is fascinated with creating independent children, at the risk of long term harmful effects on these children we so love dearly. We must be careful with this and reflect on how we were raised. Allow ourselves to feel vulnerable and admit it’s not easy being a parent. Each day be willing to show love to your child while nurturing the space for your child to communicate their frustrations. It’s not easy but the research shows that what we have been practicing is NOT working. They speak to “instead of being held, infants spend much more time in carriers, car seats and strollers than they did in the past. Only about 15 percent of mothers are breast-feeding at all by 12 months, extended families are broken up and free play allowed by parents has decreased dramatically since 1970”.

The good news is they report,  “at any point, a parent can take up a creative activity with a child and they can grow together.” I love the reference grow together…that is what I think parenting is….not just growth for child but for parents. Enjoy!

Please read the lasted research. Click below.