little person, little hands

little person, little hands
Hi my little one who has me feeling this joy
What a wonderful world since you entered it as a part of my life’s deal
The smallness of your body makes my protection guard ring high
The sweetness of your smell reminds me of fresh flowers and red birds
I understand that only an “Angel” like you would mean so much more to the heavens above
Your name had to be perfect because I saw that you were
You will get your wings with the pureness of my love for you
little person, little hands
Your face reflects in the laughter of the children on the playground
with their feet digging down in the soft sand
little person, little hands
I wish you could grow with me, take your first step toward me, or crawl to me
Just wondering how it would have sounded
The unfolding of the word mom, mother, or mama from your mouth
To have my little one here with me
I’ll hold your presence deep in my soul
Loving you won’t feel as though you are gone or far away
little person, little hands
I’ll hold you always here in my heart
– Terrie Smith, Community Doula in Cherokee County