Sex Education: Netflix’s New Smash Teen Hit

iMatter recently partnered with the Connect Initiative through the Mary Black Foundation to write a blog post about Netflix’s new smash hit show, Sex Education. This show has become increasingly popular with teens and many parents have questions...

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Amber Pendergraph speaks honestly….

Let’s talk about sex!!!! It seems to be a trending topic now a days. The discussions can get a little intense whether your talking to parent, friend or partner. There is an extreme amount of people that speak about the pros of sex but fall to short...

What do you think about the word “SPOIL”…regarding parenting not food!

Our culture is fascinated with creating independent children, at the risk of long term harmful effects on these children we so love dearly. We must be careful with this and reflect on how we were raised. Allow ourselves to feel vulnerable and admit it’s...

Think Pink…Think Breastfeeding!