BirthMatters wants you to join the excitement.

What are we celebrating? Not one but two graduations.

On November 8, 2011 in Spartanburg BirthMatters celebrated the completion of the peer breastfeeding counselor training. For ten weeks we met every Tuesday at the Spartanburg County Library for 3 hours…this is the special group of trainees that participated.

BirthMatters provided the training to our doula team from Cherokee and Spartanburg to help increase knowledge so we can better serve our families and increase our breastfeeding rates for three and six months. BirthMatters invited a graduate mom that has a successful breastfeeding relationship with her daughter. Her beautiful daughter received a special crown for her participation. On November 17, in Cherokee County, we celebrated the community doula graduation. This group of ladies completed the community doula training. This training is twenty sessions for three hours each week. We gathered to share stories and enjoyed a nice diner together at the Olive Garden in Gaffney. Each participate received a framed completion certificate and spoke about what the training had meant to them.