Amber Pendergraph speaks honestly….

Let’s talk about sex!!!! It seems to be a trending topic now a days. The discussions can get a little intense whether your talking to parent, friend or partner. There is an extreme amount of people that speak about the pros of sex but fall to short on the cons. Sex can be risky business if one doesn’t take the proper precautions and the get proper education. I have encountered numerous of individuals with the age demographics ranging from 12-52 that were sexually active and just simply didn’t have the proper education and knowledge about sex. I’m constantly engaging in conversations involving sex, std’s and pregnancy prevention… it is jaw dropping when someone that is sexually active has not a clue what some of the std’s are and how they can contract them. I recently went to a  training that blew my mind S.C ranks #8 for H.I.V, #5 for chlamydia, #4 for Gonorrhea and #21 for syphilis! Sex can be amazing and all that good stuff the media displays it to be. It could be so much more amazing, something like fireworks,if you wait until the time is right or your relationship is monogamous most importantly if its protected.  I firmly believe knowledge is power. No glove no love! Don’t be silly wrap ur Willie! If u think she’s spunky cover ur monkey!!!! U get my drift